I recently had the pleasure of photographing Pang and Armando at the California State Fair in Sacramento, and it was an unforgettable experience. Despite the scorching heat earlier in the day, we decided to make the most of the evening when the temperature started to cool off.

Pang and Armando's vibrant personalities perfectly matched the colorful atmosphere of the fair. Laughter and joy were abundant as we walked around, played games, grabbed snacks, and took photos.

The fair provided a fantastic backdrop for our session, with its dazzling lights and vibrant scenes. From the Ferris wheel to the food stalls, there was no shortage of captivating subjects to photograph.

We took candid shots as they tried their luck at various games, and their excitement was infectious. Savoring delicious fair treats, including cotton candy and corn dogs, brought out genuine smiles that made for heartwarming photos.

As the fair wound down, we found different areas to capture intimate moments. The evening breeze added a refreshing touch to the atmosphere, creating beautiful shots that showcased their love and connection.

Photographing this lovely couple at the California State Fair was an absolute joy!

couple in front of the carousel at the state fair
California State Fair Engagement Photography