Erika and Francisco's wedding day was a truly special and heartwarming celebration. As a photography team, we were privileged to capture the beautiful moments that unfolded on their big day.

The day began at their home, where the anticipation and excitement were palpable. Francisco and Erika were getting ready in separate rooms, surrounded by loved ones. We started with Francisco, and it was heartwarming to see his sister helping him prepare for the day ahead. The love and support of family shone through every frame we captured. Then, we moved over to Erika's room, where her bridesmaids and her sons were busy assisting her in getting ready. We also had the chance to photograph Erika in her stunning dress, which was a highlight of the day.

The ceremony was a beautiful and emotional affair, with all their friends and family gathered to witness their union. Adding to the magical atmosphere, a talented violinist played soulful music throughout the ceremony. This added a beautiful touch that made the moment even more memorable.

After the ceremony, we took a few minutes to capture some intimate photos of the newlyweds in the serene setting of the Capital Park. These moments showcased the love and happiness that radiated from Erika and Francisco.

The day culminated at the Center at Twenty Three Hundred, the venue where the couple celebrated their love. Surrounded by their friends and family, Erika and Francisco danced the night away and enjoyed every moment of their special day.

It was an honor for us to be part of Erika and Francisco's wedding, capturing the love, laughter, and genuine moments that made their day unforgettable. We wish them a lifetime filled with joy and love as they embark on this new chapter of their journey together.