Last Saturday marked a beautiful milestone in the lives of Perla and Sevastian as they joined together in marriage. The day began with anticipation and excitement as we captured the moments leading up to their union.

At their home, preparations were in full swing. Sevastian, surrounded by his best man and groomsmen, prepared for the big day with laughter and camaraderie. Meanwhile, Perla focused on the final touches of hair and makeup, with her mom by her side assisting with the dress and accessories. The anticipation peaked as her dad eagerly awaited the first glimpse of Perla in her stunning dress.

The ceremony was a heartwarming experience, as family and friends gathered to witness the union of Perla and Sevastian. Amidst love and support, they exchanged vows and sealed their commitment to one another.

After the ceremony, we stole a few precious moments to capture Perla and Sevastian together before heading to the venue. En route, we stumbled upon a picturesque field, providing a breathtaking backdrop for additional photos.

Arriving at the venue, the celebration continued with joy and laughter. Surrounded by loved ones, Perla and Sevastian reveled in the happiness of the day, cherishing each moment with family and friends.

As photographers, it was an honor to capture the love and joy that permeated every aspect of Perla and Sevastian's wedding day. Here's to a lifetime of happiness and cherished memories for the newlyweds!