I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Alina and Yosimi at the beautiful green hills in Pinole CA. We were lucky enough to plan this session while we still had green hills! We believe that the grass will be drying out and changing color very soon due to the warmer days coming up. 

We decided on this location because they love to hike these hills every weekend when they get to see each other, therefore I wanted to take their engagement session at this location! After a 2-3 mile hike we made it to the top. It was actually a bit warm for a while but it cooled off very quickly, maybe because we were not hiking anymore! 

Regardless if it was warm or not, we were able to have an amazing time out there! We were also able to take photos of different spots while walking back. 

This was definitely an amazing experience for all of us. I got to photograph a couple at a completely different location compared to the city and they were able to get photos at their favorite location where they love to spend time with each other! 

I hope that everyone can enjoy the photos!