Midway into our busy time of the year, we were able to be part of such an amazing quinceanera! 

We started the day early in the morning at Alina's home to take photos of the dress and accessories, followed by the hair and make-up process. She had two amazing dresses to wear during her day! One for the ceremony and the other one for the reception. How awesome is that! As soon as we finished up with the accessories, we moved over to retouch her hair and make-up for Alina. 

Right after the hair and make-up she went upstairs to change into her dress. Her chambelanes had the hard job carrying her dress upstairs for Alina. Everyone else was patiently waiting downstairs to see Alina in her dress! Her mom and dad helped her to lace up her dress and to put on the accessories. She was surprised by a Mariachi band to walked her out to the limo for the ceremony.

The ceremony took place at the Holy Spirit Church. Most of her closest family and friends were there for her to be part of a very special ceremony. Being surrounded by all the people that loves her was a very special experience!

We had a few minutes to take photos with her court and family at Rock Garden, which was down the street from the church. This was very convenient since we were a bit short on time for this photo session. This session is always fun because we take a few photos of the quinceanera along with her court. 

Right after the photo session, we headed to the reception at the Royal Castle Banquet Hall. As we arrived, I noticed that there were a lot of beautiful decorations all over the venue, including an amazing cake display! We were able to take photos of some of the arrangements and cake table before everyone else arrived.

The mariachi band was playing music while everyone was arriving and during dinner. After dinner, it was time to begin the events of the night. It started out with a dance with her chambelanes, then a dance with her dad and mom, then the change of shoes, followed by a toast and finishing up with the cake cutting. Not to mention an awesome performance of the surprise dance with her court! As we were moving towards the end of the night, the dance floor opened up! This was where everyone got up from their seat and joined Alina on the dance floor!!!

I cannot write enough about how amazing this day was, but I do have many photographs that can tell you many more words! I hope you enjoy the photographs! Share it with family and friends!

Click below to see the pre-event session