In the month of March, I had the privilege of photographing Layla at the West 12 Ranch Studio. Layla wore a stunning dress that added to her elegance as we explored the ranch together.

We started at a lovely swing by a willow tree. Layla's smile lit up the photos, showing her excitement about this important occasion. The tree's hanging leaves created a magical background that added to the enchanting atmosphere.

A friendly horse also joined us, making the experience even more special. Layla's interaction with the horse resulted in heartfelt and genuine pictures, capturing their connection in a beautiful way.

We then walked around the ranch, discovering different areas for more photos. From old barns to green fields and charming fences, each place reflected Layla's vibrant personality. She effortlessly moved from one location to another.

As a photographer, I thoroughly enjoyed this session. Layla's natural beauty and confidence allowed me to capture artistic and genuine images. 

West12 ranch quinceanera on the swing with a horse next to her