We love to take the time to understand the vision of our quinceaneras. For Karely's quince session she envisioned a setting with tall trees and blooming spring flowers, and we were determined to bring her dream to life!

We selected a beautiful location surrounded by tall trees, providing a perfect backdrop for her photos. As we walked around, we found various spots that showcased the natural beauty of the area, capturing Karely in stunning photographs. Her excitement and joy made each shot even more vibrant.

In addition to the tall trees, Karely wanted spring flowers to be a part of her photos. We were able to find the perfect spot where a few trees were blooming at just the right time. The combination of the towering trees and the delicate blossoms created a magical setting that matched Karely's vision perfectly.

By the end of the session, we had captured exactly what we needed. Karely's Pre-Event Session was a success, filled with beautiful moments and stunning images that reflected her dreams for her Quinceañera. It was a joy to work with Karely and bring her vision to life!

UC Davis Arboretum quinceanera photos
UC Davis Arboretum quince photos
enchanted forrest quince photos