We are back in Placerville! Last night's quince was also in Placerville, which is a very nice city with mountains and lots of trees! We were happy to go back! As we were driving in to the property, I noticed how big this location was! We were not sure if we were driving into the correct house until we noticed there were people setting up part of the outdoor tables and other arrangements. We immediately started by taking photos of the hair and make-up process, since they were almost done working on Vanessa's hair and make-up. After the hair and make-up, we decided to look for an outdoor spot with shade to take the dress and her accessories. We were able to find a very nice location with some nice shade to take the dress and accessories and also to bring Vanessa with us for a few photos. 

We also searched around for another area for photos of her court. We were able to find a great location where we had Vanessa and her chambelanes along with her horse to pose with. It was definitely hot at that time, but it did not stop us from having fun during this session!

Everything took place in the same location here in Placerville. There was some amazing decor already set up by the time that we came back from taking the photos with Vanessa and her court, so we decided to take detail shots of the beautiful decor before the arrival of her guests. Meanwhile, the DJ was playing great background music as the guests were walking in to the reception for dinner. After most of her guests arrived, Vanessa had an amazing entrance riding a horse. She looked amazing!!! After dinner, it was time to begin the events of the night. It started out with a beautiful father and daughter dance!! They finished off with speeches from her parents and from Vanessa. As we were moving towards the end of the night, the dance floor opened up with great live music!! This was where everyone got up from their seats and joined Vanessa on the dance floor!!!

I cannot write enough about how amazing this day was but I do have many photographs that can tell you many more words! I hope you enjoy the photographs! Share it with family and friends!

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