Stefania's quince started with a relaxed afternoon getting ready at her home. We started by taking photos of the dress and accessories, followed by the hair and make-up process. As soon as we finished up with the accessories, we moved over to retouch her hair and make-up for Stefania. Mom and dad were also helping her with the last few details on the dress and a blessing to send her off to the start of an amazing day!!

Due to the distance from the church to the venue, we decided to go to a park nearby to take photos with her family because we would not be having any time after the ceremony. We all had to drive from El Dorado Hills to Placerville where the reception would be taking place. This was a good decision to make because we had enough time to take photos of Stefania and her family. Despite the heat, we even had some time left-over to take some fun photographs with everyone else!

The ceremony took place at the Holy Trinity in El Dorado Hills. What a beautiful church! It was great to see most of her closest friends and family present to be part of a very special ceremony. Being surrounded by all the people that loves her was a very special experience!

The reception took place at The Sequoia Mansion by Wedgewood Weddings in Placerville. This was our first time at this amazing venue!! As we arrived, we decided to take photos of the decor and cake before everyone else walked in. As most of her guests were arriving for the cocktail hour, we took about 10 minutes to walk around in front of the mansion to take a few photos! Meanwhile, the DJ was playing great background music as the guests were walking in to the reception for dinner. After dinner, it was time to begin the events of the night. It started out with an amazing father and daughter dance!! They finished off with speeches from her parents and from Stefania. As we were moving towards the end of the night, the dance floor opened up with great music by the DJ!! This was where everyone got up from their seats and joined Stefania on the dance floor!!!on

I cannot write enough about how amazing this day was but I do have many photographs that can tell you many more words! I hope you enjoy the photographs! Share it with family and friends!

El Dorado Hills Quinceanera Photography

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