We had been planning their wedding since 2019! And finally the day arrived!! We were all so excited about this day! 

Traveling to San Francisco from Sacramento was fun, we were looking forward to escape from the Sacramento heat wave and working in much nicer weather!! 

We started out with Christian at the Hampton Hotel where he was staying before the wedding. We were helping him get ready while also waiting for his ride to arrive. He seemed very excited about driving this car!

Meanwhile, Alejandra was getting ready at a different location. As we arrived with Alejandra, we noticed that their son had a nice suit to match his dad, Christian. Everyone was very excited about seeing them! 

The ceremony took place in the beautiful Church of the Epiphany. There were some restrictions at this ceremony. One of them was "no flash allowed". This wasn't a big problem for us, we were still able to capture all of the special moments throughout the ceremony. This was such an amazing ceremony because all of their family and close friends were there to be part of this amazing wedding!

After the ceremony, everyone headed over to the venue to enjoy drinks and snacks.Meanwhile, Alejandra and Christian took a drive on the Impala to a location by the ocean for photos. We didn't have much time during this session but we definitely had fun out there! 

After the photo session, we drove back to the venue. Everyone was waiting for them to enter the reception with the band to begin the night! 

After dinner, we had the first dance, followed by speeches from the newly weds to each other!! The band was playing great music all night long for everyone to enjoy an amazing time with Alejandra and Christian. I hope you can enjoy the photos and see this amazing wedding!