We had the pleasure of being to photograph Abigail and Edgar during their memorable surprise proposal at Santa Cruz Beach. As photographers, our role was to capture this special moment and create lasting memories for them.

Abigail and Edgar, a deeply in love couple, had planned a seemingly ordinary walk on the beach. Unbeknownst to Abigail, Edgar had been secretly planning this surprise for months, and he enlisted the help of Gael Zoe Events to set up a beautiful scene. The setup featured an enchanting aisle adorned with roses and candles that led to a central area. There, under the twinkling lights that spelled out "will you marry me," Edgar took a heartfelt knee and proposed. To add to the celebration, a bottle of champagne was waiting for them.

Following the proposal, we had the pleasure of using the breathtaking beach scenery as a backdrop for a photo session with the newly engaged couple. Abigail and Edgar, still glowing with the excitement of their engagement, posed for some beautiful photographs by the beach.

As photographers, we were focused on capturing their love and the magic of this special day. Our goal was to create visual memories that Abigail and Edgar could cherish for a lifetime. Their surprise proposal and subsequent engagement photoshoot were a testament to the power of love and the beauty of unexpected moments.

We were truly honored to be a part of their remarkable day, documenting the beginning of their journey as an engaged couple. Their story reminds us that love stories can unfold in the most unexpected places, and as photographers, we get to freeze those moments in time for our clients to treasure forever. We wish Abigail and Edgar a lifetime filled with happiness and countless more moments to capture through their lenses.

Santa Cruz Beach Wedding Proposal
Santa Cruz Wedding Proposal